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Pioneering work and innovations from 1972 to today.

Cardiomedix Was established under the leadership and guidance of the cardiologist, Professor Daniel David, a pioneer in remote patient monitoring since the early seventies.

Background: First works in Remote patient monitoring/Telehealth: Voice and vital signstransmission from the ambulance and patient’s home.

1972: Firstmobile CCU with on-line vital signs, including multi- channel ECG,capable of transmission and voice communication from the ambulance to the hospital.
Moving sophisticated technology from the hospital to the patient at the point of care.



1972/3: First pilots to research the efficacy of long term on-line remote monitoring of cardiac Patients to solve the problem of detecting infrequent arrhythmia and save heart attack patients.

1972/3: First pilots to research the efficacy of long term on-line remote monitoring of cardiac Patients to solve the problem of detecting and documenting arrhythmia and cardiacischemia/infraction.

1977: Establishing the second Mobile-ICU ambulances in the “Meier MedicalCenter”

1978: Initiating Multicenter study that included manypatients from major medical facilities to research the efficacy of remote cardiac patient monitoring. The result of this study is the basis to the AHA ACC guidelines.

1987: Initiator and Co- author of the book “Ambulatory monitoring of the cardiac patient”. Published in 1987.




1988: Cardiomedix, a cardiac nurses call center, was established in Illinois providing remote monitoring to cardiac patients referred by their physicians.

1993: First audio-video session with transmission of vital signs between Cardiomedix nurse and a patient at a remote location.

Understanding the possible shortage of medical personnel and increasing need of access to healthcare, specifically by of growing elderly population and chronic disease patient, Cardiomedix management researched ways to expend remote monitoring.

1998: Establishing Commwell,Cardiomedix sister company, an R&D engineering company to develop the next generation technology. technology.




2002: First pilot of the audio-video communication with a patient at home using the TV set for communication and the Smart Chair
embedded with vital signs for automatic documentation of vital signs.











2017: The innovative PhysioGlove received FDA clearance for patient self- use. With the PhysioGlove anyone can perform 12 lad ECG on himself in less than a minute.

The company is actively involved in developing and introducing marketing advanced technologies and programs for comprehensive all-inclusive remote patient care. The combined companies own 11 US patents as well as international patents for innovative technology.

Cardiomedix combines innovative medical technologies with high quality services to provide the finest care for our family of subscribers’ patients and physicians.

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